Video Marketing Guaranteed

Do You Want Guaranteed First Page Listing On Google?

The first page of Google is where all the action is.

Nearly all sales and contacts are made from this page

So how can you take advantage of this trend to have the most cost effective marketing strategy

Try Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the most effective way to attract new customers.

A study by Cisco found that globally by 2020 82% on all IP (Internet Protocol) traffic will involve video

So the sooner you get positioned the better it will be for you

A survey conducted by Yelp discovered that 85% of  local customers are using the internet everyday to find

  1. The most reliable businesses that have
  2. The most reliable staff
  3. The best deals
  4. Where the business is located
  5. What are the business hours
  6. The best way to contact

When they search on Google they rarely go past the first page

Since most of the page is text a video will stand out and is very often clicked on

The video only need to be short 1-2 minutes at most

There must be a benefit on the video

There must be a Call to Action (make a phone call or visit a website for more information)

See the following video as an example.

We will produce and list your video on the first page of Google Guaranteed

That’s right a full Guarantee

Video Marketing Guaranteed

If it is not on the first page you do not pay

Why this video?

You can save on Google Adwords. Many businesses spend hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on Adwords campaigns. You pay every time someone click on your ad.

With your own video you can have hundreds of clicks without paying more

It is far cheaper than SEO which again can be hundreds of dollars per month.

Since we are just starting this here our special offer for producing the video and listing it on Google is only $50 per month.

And you only pay if it stays there.

That is an incentive for us to keep it there

Where else can you get a guarantee like that?

Can you get it any cheaper?

Of course!

For every two people you recommend who then have their own video produced and pay their first month you will get one months FREE!

Call Jeff NOW on

0419 418 951

To get started

Remember!    No payments until it ranks


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