Overall Marketing Strategy

The overall Reputation Marketing Strategy is based on four key criteria
  1. Create a Five Star Culture within your Business
  2. Collect and publish Five Star Reviews from your satisfied customers
  3. Market those Reviews across the internet
  4. Monitor Online Reputation and provide feedback

This is represented in the following graphic

Reputation Marketing Specialist

1. Create a 5 Star Culture within your business

This is achieved by educating and inspiring all staff via our training centre on the importance of maintaining high enough standards to get reviews easily.                  

Feedback to staff who earned that review will inspire and motivate them to repeat that level of service

2. Develop a 5 Star Reputation

Use the systems we have set up to collect and publish reviews on the directory sites on the internet. Most importantly Google My Business and Facebook.

3. Market The Reputation

Syndicate the reviews across the internet in image and video formats.Images and videos are more easily seen and trusted than plain text. This creates greater acceptance and trust among prospective new clients.

4. Monitor And Report.

Managing the reputation by monitoring and reporting what is being said about your business on the major directories. This provides motivation and incentive amongst staff for anything good and a chance to respond quickly and rectify anything negative

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