Reputation Marketing Specialist

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Reputation Marketing SpecialistMy name is Jeff Sommers and I am a Reputation Marketing Specialist.

Your success is extremely important to me


I do not sell services I only sell results

I have developed a system for guaranteed success with your business being found online by qualified buyers Reputation Marketing Specialist Guarantee

My system involves a series of strategies, which will vary from business to business depending on what is already on the internet.

You probably have some Internet exposure so before I start I need to discover how successful you have already been.

First of all I will look at your website.

  • Between 10% and 15% of small business I have looked at on the Gold Coast do not have a mobile friendly website. Since the majority of local internet searches are made from a mobile device, this is a definite hindrance to your success.
  • I will also look for negative reviews. They must be addressed and buried.
  • I will look at citations (Your name address and phone number) which must be identical everywhere they appear.
  • I will look for different addresses. It is amazing the number of businesses that move and do not amend the address and phone number on their local directories.
  • Many business owners have not claimed their “Google my Business” page.
  • Most business owners have not established a Youtube channel.
  • Many business owners have not set up a Facebook Page or a Linkedin Account.
  • They do not appear on many of the local directories.
  • Most important of all, very few local businesses have an active system for collecting reviews.

Instead they rely on Word of Mouth, which used to be the best system before the internet.

Word of Mouth is one person telling another person once

An Internet review is one person telling hundreds perhaps thousands on a permanent basis.

That is why published internet reviews are so powerful.

To give this guarantee I must insist on:

  •  Excellent customer service
  • A properly setup mobile friendly website that has at least five pages plus the legally required pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions)
  • Full access to current listings (Usernames and passwords)
  • Full descriptions of all business activities. I cannot market what I do not understand
  • A maximum of only 3 negative reviews. More than this will extend the guarantee period.
  • The business owner will ask satisfied clients for testimonials on the internet page provided
  • The business owner commits to a 6 months marketing program

I will consult with the business owner and choose 5 keywords to rank for and 5 surrounding suburbs. This will combine to form 25 possible combinations eg. Plumber Surfers Paradise, Plumbing Services Helensvale

Consider the lifetime value of a customer.

  • What is your average sale?
  • How often will your average customer request your services over the next two years?
  • How valuable is that customer’s testimonial going to be in finding new customers?
  • What is your marketing budget?

The website

If the website does not conform to the above requirements that will have to be addressed first.

Google has certain requirements for listing websites and will not list websites, which do not conform.

Fixing the website is a separate fee

The Guarantee

I will engage in activities each month for a period of 6 months to build and market the reputation of the business owner.

This will be steady activity so it looks natural to Google.

The guarantee is that the business will appear somewhere on the first page of Google (not in the Adwords section) for three keywords. This may be the website itself or one of the other sites I will place the business or business owner. Those sites will have direct links back to the website.

This is the guarantee but the goal is much higher

I will be looking for multiple listings on page one for more than three keywords but because some industries are more competitive than others, it is sometimes more difficult to achieve.

In other words the guarantee is the lowest result you can expect

The actual result I want for you is much higher.

If I do not achieve this in the 6 months time frame I will continue to work at my cost until the result is achieved.

There are two packages:

SILVER. As described above

$300 per month

GOLD. A more aggressive approach where the guarantee is for listings of 5 keywords on page 1 of Google

This will be $500 per month

You are advised to continue this marketing to achieve even greater results.

Remember when you lose interest in promoting your business,Google loses interest in listing your business.

Google lists businesses that are active on the internet

Call Jeff NOW at
Reputation Marketing Specialist
0419 418 951 or 07 5546 6899

We are at Ormeau on the Gold Coast but because of the Internet we can work for businesses anywhere

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