Call Tracking

Marketing Performance Metrics

Call tracking is one of the simplest ways to measure the effectiveness your marketing Call trackingcampaign.

This gives you direct analytics on the people who have phoned you about your product or service

They have answered your call to action by contacting you directly.

How this works is simple:
We give you a 1300 phone number. This means that for anyone phoning from anywhere in Australia the cost is only a local call. This encourages prospective clients to call you. The 1300 number redirects to your business phone.

This 1300 number is placed on all of your marketing material that you want to track

The client will pay for the call to the 1300 number
You will pay for the redirect from the 1300 number to your phone,

But this is still an economical way of getting contact details about prospective clients.

It works seamlessly

The cost to use this simple system is simply $20 setup and $20 per month plus the cost of redirect phone calls

This option is usually part of our Marketing Packages

Phone Jeff on 0419 418 951 to set this up

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