Attract New Clients

How To Get More Customers

And Grow Your Business

Local Business owners are looking for the best ways to get more clients but what worked previously is not working as well today

In the past there was Yellow Pages and Newspaper ads but they are not effective anymore.

Then when we moved online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) became the best but Google kept changing the rules. Now what worked last week is no longer effective.

Also Consumers are becoming more particular and Trust and Authority are the keys to getting new clients.

Trust and Authority is established by having a 4 or 5 star reputation online. Previously reputations were established by Word of Mouth but that is one person speaking to one other person.

In todays fast world Reputations are built much quicker and more effectively by marketing reviews online where one review can be seen by 100s or even 1000s of prospective new clients.

Today 90% of people seeking new service providers search online.Only 10% search offline.

Today 55% of people seeking a new service provider choose the one with the best Reputation determined by the number of 4 or 5 star reviews. Only 18% are influenced by the Google ranking as determined by SEO. The other 27% are influenced only by price and who wants to be selling that cheaply anyway.

Local Business owners are today looking for a system that will make it easier to get and have published reviews

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