Reputation Marketing SpecialistMy name is Jeff Sommers.

I have owned and operated 2 Pharmacies and managed many others.

I have been interested in marketing all my business life and realised early on the value of having a good reputation.

You develop a good reputation by being genuinely interested in the welfare of others.

In Pharmacy I was able to demonstrate caring on a daily basis.

At that stage reputation was spread through “Word of Mouth”. This was very limited because it was only mentioned if the topic arose in conversation.

With the coming of the internet people have the opportunity and are eager to give their opinion on almost any topic.

The type of service they received as a customer is high on the list but….. they are far more likely to write about the experience if it was negative.

To get positive reviews business owners have to ask for them.

I have studied and chosen systems that work in developing good reputations on the internet.

These systems make it easier to collect and distribute reviews across social media and directory sites where people are looking and researching.

By making good reviews easily able to be found, marketing focussed business owners are now reaping the rewards of establishing their reputation and building Authority and Trust Online.

You can call me on (07) 5546 6899

or email    jeff@reputationmarketingspecialist.com.au 

Reputation Marketing Specialist

at Ormeau on the Gold Coast